HI,my name's mike and i'm looking for other people who have experanced the same side effects as I.
I've been takeing PHENYTOIN SODIUM EXT. for 38 years now ,and i've had some really wild side effects as well as some not so unusual.My goal here is to find others who have ,or have had the same types of SIEZURES and theSAME side effects and how to handel them because there is not really anyone whom i've found willing to talk in depth about most of these,and Iknow that everyday people go to neurologists and hospitals for treatment.Sometimes you get a DR. who can tell you about the general side effects,but,it is always followed up by the usual 'lets see how this is tolerated' sentance.
In my personal experiance, i've had a lot of these side-effects and what i'm about to say is NOT average,I don't belive.The reason is that people are different and so is their physiolgy,their chemical make-up,and personal requirements to stop siezures.
The most unusual side effect I have ever had,came after i was laid off of work during our economic "slump" that we are currently in.This caused me to be unable to afford my medication which has worked very well for me since 2003.
For the first 30 years after i was diagnosed with GRAND-MAL siezures(tonic/clonic for those recently diagnosed),I took  DILANTIN 100 Mg. 3 times per day.
After experianceing  severe memory loss,bleeding gums,exess hair growth and other minor problems,I came across a Dr. who recommended that I switch to a different form of phenytoin.
This was called PHENYTEK.
It really worked  for a long time,as i was able to work,and live a relitively normal life.When I became a person with no income,i was obviously not able to afford my medication any longer and tryed "alternative"meds.,these  may have stopped the siezures,but were niether approved nor tested for stopping siezures and I just did not want the risk.the recovery time for my type of siezures in my case is at least 36 hours and i simply couldn't miss that much time.
So,my local pharmisist who's name will be left out for reasons which will become appearant momentaraly,said that in order to save MONEY, i should try GENERIC PHENYTOIN SODIUM ext caps,so she called my perscribing Dr. and got them approved.What followed next was the very worst time of my entire 47 years of my life. In the 38 days that i was on these meds., i went through everything from the mildest of side-effects to the very worst of the severe side-effects.
The most unusual,PREMINITIONS, were extremly accurate,caused headaches as well as extreme fatigue.They were so accurate that i began keeping a "log" and to this date,begining in mid December,my numbers are 173 preminitions CORRECT,out of a total of 178.
There were some "wrong or partialy correct" but as a whole they are accurate,which leads me to belive that there are people out there who get the same"feelings as I and I for one would like to hear from you.
So , with this in mind,i've left a form for you to fill out  and perhaps we can communicate with each other about this  situation that we are so uniquely involved in.

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